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The Rocky Horror Picture Show - The 25th Anniversary DVD Edition

DVD Features: Commentary by Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn Theatrical trailer(s) Multi-story (U.K. or U.S. version): View the original cut or the new edition with musical sequence "Superheroes" edited back in The Theatrical Experience: View Rocky Horror as you would in the theater, complete introduction from RHPS fan club president Sal Piro. View audience reactions and performers in front if the screen at certain points throughout the film Prompter: "When do I squirt my water pistol and when do I scream?" This subtitle will tell you. Disc Two Excerpts and never-before-seen outtakes from VH1 Behind the Music. Featuring interviews with Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Meatloaf VH1 Pop-Up Video of "Hot Patootie!" Widescreen anamorphic format More ...
Embrace of the Vampire (DVD)

A fairly effective vampire horror movie made better by the flawlessly beautiful Alyssa Milano. DVD Features: Includes both the unrated version (93 minutes, Anamorphic 1.85:1, English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround) and the R rated version (92 minutes, Full Frame 1.33:1, English Dolby Surround) More ...
Stephen King's The Shining (DVD)

Stephen King's The Shining is a new adaptation from the author himself, made for television, that bears very little resemblance to the 1980 Stanley Kubrick version. That's not surprising since Kubrick threw out most of King's novel and presented his own version of the story. Here King redresses the balance in a miniseries that follows his original almost to the letter, and manages to be effectively creepy despite the budget and censorship limitations of the TV format. Stephen Weber takes over the role of Jack Torrance, the caretaker who slowly descends into madness in the haunted Overlook Hotel. His performance More ...

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Movies: Browse one of the biggest movie catalogs anywhere: find hard to find movies, the latest releases and classic movies too. You can even pre-order the latest vhs and dvd new releases. -- Find classic movies starring your favorite movie stars including ... 

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At MovieAce we believe in making available those obscure and weird horror movies and hard to find movies that you won't find in your local video or movie store. For example, we have a huge selection of b movies, cult classics and exploitation movies from the sixties and seventies which are just now being re-released on dvd format so that a whole new generation of movie lovers can discover the joys of the low budget drive in thrillers.  We also feature Italian Horror movies, a genre of horror movie characterized by lurid plots, excessive blood and gore and low budget hilarity.  In addition to such high brow movie collections we also carry horror movies whose only redeeming quality is their entertainment value: our movie store has a whole section dedicated to b movies and cult classics including exploitation movies. 
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Click here to view the huge selection of horror movies in dvd and vhs video, including box sets. Whether you're looking for truly scarey masterpieces of movie horror or plain bad and unintentionally funny b movie classics, we've got the movie you are looking for. The movie catalog has thousands of horror movies in either vhs or dvd format and every movie you buy is backed by the safe shop guarantee. Search our DVD and VHS movie catalogs and find hard to find movies and videos on vhs and dvd. Check out our enormous selection of movies in vhs and dvd formats.